Clients and Partnerships

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  • Decentralized Identity Foundation - educational & editorial duties, membership initiative, community/process refinements, and programming for “face to face” conference 19 Jan
  • ESSIF-LAB Project: SourceCheck, a self-serve identity verification dApp for creators based on HonorBox (a prior project funded by a Mozilla Grant from Coil) and the Rebase Protocol
  • Spruce Systems Miscellaneous decentralized-identity standards and community consulting, as well as product design and community cat-hearding for Spruce’s suite of open-source projects, both current (Credible wallet, DIDKit) and future (Rebase)
  • Spherity GmbH Support for e-Commerce project for US DHS SVIP; standards advising, including editorial support for the KERI specification at DIF


  • SourceCheck (Berlin/Portugal) - research and open-source cooperative, currently supported by a Grant for the Web (funded by Coil and administered by Mozilla)
  • Taqanu - identity and financial inclusion research org and identity platform